"Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast..."

These words have been read aloud at seemingly every wedding in the world. Maybe they were read at your wedding. It's very possible you have never went to church, never explored faith in Jesus, or never even knew these words were lifted straight from the Bible. Yet this timeless description of love is known by practcially everyone because it's a powerful depiction of the kind of life-altering and beautiful love we hope to both give and experience.

Love is a big deal to God. Jesus named it as the most important calling of any person, and he told his followers that it would be the mark by which they'd be known. The first-century church leader, Paul, said people could participate in incredible displays of spiritual power that would be rendered worthless if not motivated by love. If love's that important to God, we should do everything possible to love people well. We'd love for you and your friends to join us this summer at Crossbridge as explore the subject of love. If there's one thing worth learning, it's this.