Upcoming Message Series

We're all familiar with the idea that the world is not a perfect place. The Bible gives us a very specific reason as to why the world is not a perfect place: sin. It's a force that has invaded our world and pervades our lives. It perpetuates brokenness and makes us all miserable. Even crazier, it only took three chapters into the story of the Bible for sin to enter the world. We are truly fallen creatures.

So what's the answer? You need to start by accurately diagnosing the problem. Join us the next four weeks together as we look at the Bible's origin story of mankind and think about what lies behind sin and how we can experience God's redemptive power. Sin may have beaten us in the garden, but it doesn't need to master us any longer.

Join us beginning August 23 at 10:30am on crossbridgechristian.com/watch!

September 27: Taking and Receiving

October 4: The Destructive Power of Jealousy

October 11: Sin & Faithfulness

October 18: Put Down Your Bricks