Current Message Series

FUN FACT: Jesus had a brother. (Several, actually.) In the first century, Jesus' brother wrote a letter to people that outlined wisdom about practical struggles we all have: how we lose our temper, how we say things we wish we could take back, how we struggle when we don't get our way. In short, James wrote a lot about ways that we could all see our relationships become better. His advice was helpful in the first century, but it's just as helpful today.

Join us at Crossbridge beginning February 25 as we learn from the way of James together. (Note: Beginning on February 25, you can find The Way of James messages here!)

February 25: Slow Your Roll

March 4: Mercy > Judgment

March 11: Don't Start the Fire

March 18: You Won't Always Get Your Way

March 25: Honesty Is the Best Policy