The Queen

Whether it's leading your family out of financial ruin, making a difference at work, trying to patch up differences between friends, or simply leading yourself to do what you know you need to do, at some point all of us will need to exhibit leadership. Yet most of us don't think of ourselves as leaders. When faced with a big task (or sometimes even small ones), we get overwhelmed and scared. We back away from the challenge, discouraged and disappointed.

Enter Esther. Her rags-to-riches tale from humble beginnings to the queen of the world's superpower surprisingly has many correlations with our own stories. She felt underprepared. Ill-equipped. Stressed. Out of her comfort zone. And yet, she was a key figure God used to save an entire nation from certain destruction. She was not a finely-trained leader. She didn't seek out leadership. She'd never label herself a leader. And yet, leadership is all over her story. She gives hope to the rest of us.

Join us starting September 8 for "The Queen: Courageous Leadership for the Rest of Us." You'll be glad you did. Head here for service times, directions, and info.

September 8: Not It

September 15: For Such a Time As This

September 22: If I Perish, I Perish

September 29: Leaving a Legacy