Crossbridge Kids

Crossbridge Kids seeks to help disconnected kids connect to God. We want a child's first experiences with God and the church community to be positive ones, and we are passionate about partnering with parents to help introduce children to the God who made and adores them. Every child should know they are known, valued, and loved, as well as to have the opportunity to engage with God in a fun, safe, and helpful environment. We use a professionally-designed curriculum and all of our volunteers are background checked to ensure your child's safety and your peace of mind.

Crossbridge Kids classes meet in the Challenger Learning Center's classrooms. You can check-in your child each week at any time from 10:15 until 10:45am. At check-in, you'll have a chance to let us know about any special needs your child has that would help our team care for them as best as possible! You'll also receive a key tag that you will present to your child's teacher when checking them out after service. In the event your child needs you during service, we'll use the number on your key tag to page you via the large screen in the worship area. After service is over, you can make your way to your child's room by 11:45am to check them out where a member of our team will let you know how they did in class that morning! Once all of your children have been checked out, one of our Crossbridge Kids contributors will take your key tag for you.

We look forward to your little one joining us in Crossbridge Kids sometime soon! You can contact Brittany, our Kids Ministry coach, with any additional questions you might have.

Crossbridge Students

Crossbridge Students meet in the Challenger Learning Center's upstairs classroom during the 10:30 service. Our goal is to help middle schoolers and high schoolers to explore God's Word in a helpful way with opportunities available for them to discuss and share about the challenges that they face as students. Much like Crossbridge Kids, our student ministry utilizes a professionally-designed curriculum and volunteers who have submitted to a background check.

We also believe highly that while our church has an important role to play in the faith development of a teenager, the family carries even greater importance. By partnering with parents and families, we can make a great impact in helping students connect to God. Each week's student session is followed up with a Sunday afternoon email for parents that outlines what we talked about and some good follow-up points for discussion. If you'd like to sign up to receive our weekly Parent Cue email on Sunday afternoons, click here