Crossbridge Re-Gathering: Beginning November 8!

We're excited to gather again at Tallahassee Classical School (located at 4141 Artemis Way) beginning November 8! But of course, we also know that we won't be able to gather together exactly as we did before. In order to worship together safely, we will all need to work together and be as helpful as possible! As a church, we'll implement new systems to help us reduce any potential for contamination or viral spread, but it'll also require some self-policing and cooperation from all of you. Check out the video below for a basic overview, and consult the following list for a full description of what to expect as we re-gather together. (Looking for all the other info you need to plan your visit? Check it out here.)

As you arrive: We ask that all Crossbridge attenders abide by the current Leon County mask ordinance and keep a mask or face covering on at all times while on the premesis (provided you do not meet one of the exceptions to the Leon County policy). If you do not have a mask, we will provide a free disposable one for you. As you walk in, we will also have a green, yellow, or red wristband available for you to put on to indicate to others your comfort level with personal contact ranging from "Hi! Glad to be here, but I'm definitely keeping my distance" (red) to "I'm totally happy to shake hands, hug, whatever" (green) or something in between (yellow). We ask for everyone to please be respectful of others' boundaries! This is an opportunity for us to grow in the all-important grace of loving our neighbors and fellow attenders well.

During our worship gathering: Our goal is to provide a touchless worship experience. In order not to pass around items, you may give a physical offering in the black boxes and each seat will be equipped with a pre-packaged communion cup (along with a pen and connection card) so we do not have to pass around trays during communion. We will not be offering a physical paper bulletin at this time to reduce possible disease spread, but one is available each weekend at 

The worship area will not open to attenders until 10:15. In an effort to practice safe distancing, seating will be spaced apart six feet and we ask that you only sit with those with whom you have not been practicing distance with during the pandemic. (Please respect the wristbands people have chosen!) In order to help us practice social distancing, at the end of service we will dismiss row-by-row to exit, beginning with the back. You can still stick around and chat with friends... just outside and six feet apart for everyone's increased safety!

Increased sanitizing: While "touchless" is our goal in services, we will sanitize all benches, entry doors, and bathroom doors for your safety. Hand sanitizer dispensers are located throughout the facility for your convenience. 

But what about...?

Kids Ministry? Cafe? We will not be offering kids ministry or cafe as we re-gather. Just getting back together is a big enough task and we want to devote our focus back on that. We hope to begin offering physical kids ministry gatherings again soon, when we feel confident we have the necessary means and precautions to keep kids (and contributors) safe.

What about online worship? We will continue to offer our worship experiences online as well, just as we have throughout the course of the pandemic. You are more than welcome to continue gathering from home until you feel comfortable getting together with others again. No rush.

What if there's a positive COVID case at Crossbridge? In the event we are informed of a positive case at Crossbridge, we will work together with that person to determine any people they had prolonged (10+ minutes) contact with, personally inform those people, and encourage them to be tested, along with any others who served on the infected person's ministry team that day. The church at large will be notified of the positive case via the Note from Wes (you can sign up for that here). 

It's worth noting that we have already had positive cases in our church community, and given the highly contagious nature of this virus, we should be prepared for this possibility. We are excited to re-gather, but everyone should do so understanding that while we can do things to reduce risk, there is still inevitable risk involved (as with any other time when you leave your home during the pandemic). 

What about positive cases at Tallahassee Classical? The school has created their own positive case protocol to keep everyone safe, and medical professionals have stressed that the possibility of non-person-to-person transmission are very low. In the event that TCS case numbers become especially severe and they decide to shut down, we will abide by the request of the school and we are always prepared to head back to an online solution for a period of time if necessary. 

I'm a contributor. Are there any precautions for me? As with the church at large, all contributors will need to be masked up while serving to reduce possible disease spread. Teardown will not begin until the worship area is cleared of any extra people who are not contributing that day on a team. We have disposable gloves available to any contributors who would like to wear them. We encourage our contributors to be cautious. If you feel sick, let us know and stay at home. Our #1 priority is to keep everyone safe!

What about singing? While it does appear that singing can increase spread of the virus (you force more air out when you sing than when talking), it seems equally clear from current scientific data that as long as everyone is wearing a mask and distanced from each other, there is no increased danger of disease transmission. And the plus side? With a mask on, people might not be able to tell that bad note was you! So mask up and belt it out!