Our Mission

The mission of Crossbridge is to help disconnected people connect to God through a community of disciples growing to be more like Christ. 

our personality

Like any church, our personality traits inform what we do and why we do it. At Crossbridge, we are characterized as:


           We desire to become more like Christ as His love works through us to reach disconnected       



          We exist to create environments where people not only connect with God, but with others.


          We relentlessly pursue our mission of helping connect disconnected people to God by joining

          God on His mission to seek and save the lost.


          We are all seeking to become more like Jesus while recognizing that all of us are at different

          stages on our journey. 


          We are a community of imperfect people who celebrate the fact that God does not expect us to

          clean ourselves up before we come to Him.


           We desire to be faithful to God's leading, faithful to God's word, and faithful to following Christ.


          We desire unity in the Body of Christ through a narrow set of essentials that draw us together,

           while leaving room for liberty in non-essentials.


          We are generous because we believe the resources we have are entrusted to us by God so that

          we can make the world a better place.