The STRONG Challenge

All of us are going to hit a bump or two in the road through life. But when our lives are undergirded by God's strength, we can actually withstand and even thrive in the midst of challenges. Building spiritual strength takes commitment and discipline, but it's not complicated. It's open, available, and attainable to all of us.

Join us for The STRONG Challenge beginning on August 5. Together, we can grow STRONG.

  • August 5: Play STRONG

    When we think "strong," we seldom think "play." But ironically, God says that you'll never be strong if you don't start life with some full batteries.

  • August 12: Pray STRONG

    Communication with God is key in being strong. Most of us have prayed before, but if we're honest, we feel like there's gotta be more to the experience. We can all learn to pray in a way that makes us strong.

  • August 19: Study STRONG

    Knowledge isn't everything in being strong, but it matters for something. If we want to be strong, we need to know the author of spiritual strength. There's no better way to do that than studying what he says.

  • August 26: Train STRONG

    People who are strong know that sometimes you've gotta mix it up. Training strong means we do the under-appreciated work of strengthening the muscles we didn't even know we had.

  • September 2: Serve STRONG

    Spiritual strength doesn't just involve us. It's something we work out with others and for others. When we serve in ways that are regular and substantial, we grow to be strong.