Community Impact Item

The Crossbridge Community Impact Item is a collaborative effort to meet practical needs in the Tallahassee area. Each season, we do our best to meet some simple, practical needs of various community organizations we partner with who are doing great work in our area.

For the months of May, June, and July, we are coming together to provide "Back to School" bags for the teachers at Oak Ridge Elementary School. Oak Ridge might be located in a more under-resourced part of our town, but we believe that no child or teacher should receive any less opportunity just because of the family they were born into, where they live, or where they work. By providing these items for Oak Ridge's teachers, we can help educators put more focus on their calling to impact students instead of resourcing their classrooms. It's a simple way we can connect people to God's grace and play a role in transforming Tallahassee.

We'd love for you to join us in providing a teacher bag! Click here to see a list of needed items that can be turned in at the Community Impact Item area on any Sunday between now and July 30. Thanks for partnering with us in restoring those in broken situations in Tallahassee!