Our Mission: To Help Disconnected People Connect to God

Crossbridge exists to help disconnected people connect to God. This statement, while simple, drives everything that we do. We are relentlessly focused on those who are not a part of God's kingdom yet, and we will spend ourselves to break down every possible barrier that could possibly come between God and the world that he loves. Without reservation, we ask those who are a part of our church to take a spot in the backseat as we collectively focus on reaching those who aren't here yet. If Jesus was willing to do that in order to connect us to God, we should follow his example and do the same.

What does it look like to connect to God? The Bible has a lot to say on that subject, but we've condensed it down to something we call the 4 C's. Learn more about those here.

Our Vision:

Transform Tallahassee

Crossbridge has a vision to plant 400 multi-ethnic community groups across our city in the next 14 years. We believe that racism is not just an affront to the kingdom of God, but that it is a destructive force on the life of our city. Our calling is to create a multi-ethnic church that communicates to all people they are welcomed, wanted, and valued here just as they are to God.

Yet we know true empathy, community, and change don't happen in rows. They happen in circles. In relationships. That's why community groups and shared multi-ethnic leadership are important. We're not content to have a church that is diverse on paper, but not in reality. We are better together, and we are better when we learn from one another and learn how to love and value each other in spite of our differences. This is about unity, not uniformity.

Jesus once said that our oneness as a church will communicate to the world that he is the Son of God. No issue has divided America, and sadly the American church, more than race. We're determined to write a new story together that's marked by the loving power of God and leads people in our city to connect to him. We want you to join with us to be a force for life change and transformation in our city!

Our Values

Crossbridge's values are sort of like the DNA of our organization. They're the identity markers we feel uniquely called to by God. It's our hope that in every Crossbridge environment, whether a worship service, a community group, a ministry area, or anywhere else, that you would feel these permeating our church. These values also align us. They're the rules we've agreed to live by and we allow them to shape our decision making as a church. In no particular order, here they are.

  • As We Are

    We are all invited to come to Jesus as we are. We love people in the midst of sin and brokenness because that is how Jesus loved us. We value honesty and authenticity over "having it all together." Crossbridge is a safe place for questions, doubts, fears, and mistakes as we pursue Jesus.

  • Pursue Next Steps

    Since no one is perfect, we all have a next step. We call the best out of people believing God can use anything to transform anyone at any time. We unashamedly encourage and challenge people to live today in a way that sets them up to thrive tomorrow. 

  • For Tallahassee

    We believe we are divinely called to impact Tallahassee. We intentionally seek the peace and prosperity of our city and desire for it to be a better place as a result of our presence here. We are wildly generous toward efforts we believe will positively transform Tallahassee. We are peacemakers and reconcilers in our community. 

  • Choose Trust

    We choose to believe the best instead of assuming the worst about others. We foster trust by addressing conflict directly instead of passively. We take responsibility for our own actions while generously giving the benefit of the doubt to others. We strive for low drama and high unity.

  • Leave the 99

    God places unique priority on disconnected people and so do we. We take the initiative with disconnected people instead of expecting them to come to us. We relentlessly eliminate any unnecessary barriers for a disconnected person to connect to Jesus. We regularly sacrifice for those who are disconnected from God.