Christmas at Crossbridge

We'd love for you and your family to join us as we ring in Christmas together! Christmas at Crossbridge is an hour-long event where we will sing carols together and hear a brief message about Christmas from the pages of the Bible. It's a great way to celebrate the Christmas season. (If you're not sure the Bible's your thing, that's okay. No belief system's required. You're welcomed and wanted here.)

Christmas at Crossbridge will start at 4:30pm on December 24 in Tallahassee Classical School. (Click here for directions.) All ages are invited to join us! We can't wait to spend Christmas with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is this again? We'll be in Tallahassee Classical School, located at 4141 Artemis Way. We'll have plenty of signs to guide you to the right spot!

Do I need a ticket? Nope! This event is free and open to the public. We'd love to have you come, join us, and bring some friends along with you! 

What about COVID? Keeping you safe is a high priority for us. That's why we're asking everyone to wear masks (unless you're exempted by the Leon County ordinance), maintain social distancing, and even offering a color-coded wristband system so you can indicate your comfort level in interacting with others. You can read about all of the safety precautions we're taking here.

Okay, but this is a church. Is there an offering? Yes, but it is for Tallahassee, not for us. 100% of your giving on Christmas Eve will go to the Kearney Center, a non-profit in our city that helps those experiencing homelessness with lodging, resources, training, and opportunities to get back on their feet again. Don't worry; if for whatever reason you can't give, there's no pressure to participate. We'll actually have a simple, no money required way for you to still make a difference. (You'll have to come to find out!)

Is there childcare available? We will not have any childcare, but your kids are welcome in the gathering with you. We've worked hard to design an experience that should be fun for little kids (and little attention spans). If for whatever reason you need a moment in the middle of our time together to attend to your kids, we have an area prepared for you to be able to do that.

Do I have to wear a suit or something? What about that ugly Christmas sweater my grandma gave me? Wear whatever you want, but jeans and a T-shirt is fine. (And if it helps to wear the sweater so you can snag a photo of you in it for Grandma, that's fine by us.)