You can have happy money.

It will probably require adopting a new way of thinking about things. It will definitely require change if you're not feeling happy financially. But it is possible. Happiness with finances is just a few sowing deciison away. God's heart isn't to hurt, condemn, or judge. It's to help. It's to see you filled with happiness, not dread, at your financial life. Getting on a pathway to financial freedom isn't easy, but with God's help, some hard work, and a commitment to persevere in spite of obstacles, you can do this.

We want to offer some helpful resources to you on your journey to financial freedom. Check below for some of our favorites.

  • (and the corresponding Mint app) is a free resource to make a budget and keep track of your expenses. 
  • Financial Peace University is a small group environment created by national financial leader Dave Ramsey. It is designed to help you learn about some basic financial principles on saving, paying off debt, investing, and giving generously. Click here to go to FPU's site and look for classes that are meeting near you.
  • If reading's more your thing, click here to purchase Dave Ramsey's book Total Money Makeover.
  • Smarty Pig is an online savings account that allows you to set savings goals and easily automate deposits from your checking account so you can easily set aside some savings for yourself each month.
  • Finally, check out our Strapped message series from 2017 on our messages page. Search for "Strapped" in the "Series" dropdown menu. 
  • When paying off debt, we advise using the "debt snowball" method. Learn more about that (for free, of course!) below.