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Amount of money committed: $26,200

Amount of contributors committed: 29

Overall % of participation: 69%

Next Chapter

We believe Crossbridge is at its best when it's moving forward, following Jesus where we sense him leading us. Next Chapter is an expression of that very idea. Beginning on December 23, Crossbridge will be moving to Oak Ridge Elementary School! Read on for why we are making the transition, answers to your questions, and how you can get involved in helping us write the next section of our story together as a church.

(Looking for the fasting guide for the all church fast on October 23? Click here.)

Why Is It Time for a Next Chapter?

There's no avoiding it; next chapters involve change, and change can be scary. But we believe firmly that this is a next chapter God has prepared our church uniquely for, and we want to faithfully respond to what we believe he wants to do through our church. 

  • It Walks Through an Open Door

    More than any other reason, Crossbridge is moving into a next chapter because we sense that it's what God wants us to do. Crossbridge has enjoyed a fruitful partnership with Oak Ridge over the past several years, and that partnership has flourished under the current Oak Ridge administration. Our Leadership Team senses an open door and a unique opportunity to make an impact in our city. It almost feels like we would be disobedient to God if we didn't take next steps to engage this opportunity.

  • It Upgrades Our Facilities

    We're thankful for our time at the Challenger, but as a facility it is ill-suited to our needs. Parking for new families is inconvenient, finding our facility isn't simple, and we aren't permitted to put up signage that makes our space easy to navigate and creates a good impression for our guests. Kids ministry space is overcrowded and due to the layout and mixed-use nature of the Challenger facility it is also difficult to secure. The layout of our worship space in the Challenger isn't conducive to building community and feels cumbersome. The Oak Ridge facility will not be a perfect solution to every problem, but it will be an upgrade for our church in several different ways.

  • It Responds to a Spiritual Need

    Numerous ministry leaders and community impact partners have noted a church like Crossbridge would be a welcome presence on the south side of our city. Our focus on leaving the 99 and our track record of fostering unity in the midst of diversity are unique among churches in our city. We believe those qualities (and others) have paved the way for us to join forces with other churches, ministries, and leaders who are seeking to lead people on the south side of our city into a relationship with Jesus.

  • It Responds to a Physical Need

    In addition to spiritual needs, the surrounding community has deep material needs. Many, if not most, families in the Oak Ridge neighborhood are living at or below the poverty line. The chance to continue the work of serving underprivileged people in our city is a fantastic background on which the light of Jesus can shine and aligns beautifully with Crossbridge's desire to be a church that impacts people beyond Sunday morning.

  • It's For Tallahassee

    We believe this move will uniquely position our church to lead the way on racial reconciliation in our city. Tallahassee has been a city divided by race for far too long, and we believe that God has uniquely positioned us to play a part of healing that rift. Diverse communities of faith honor God and model exactly what we will all one day experience in heaven. Being a part of modeling the solution on this deeply divisive issue is directly in alignment with God's heart and our heritage. It is a big next step toward being a church whose impact is felt deeply and meaningfully in Tallahassee.

  • It Prepares Us for the Future

    Our current meeting location creates barriers to our growth. Crossbridge Kids classrooms are overcrowded and inhibit our ability to engineer the best experience for children and families. Limited worship seating makes starting a second service unsustainable, and it's cumbersome nature caps people's ability to naturally connect. Parking that is tricky to access and difficult to navigate for families creates an unnecessary barrier to connecting at Crossbridge. Next Chapter makes more room now and in the future to reach our friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors who are disconnected from God. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How did we arrive at this decision? Next Chapter has been the result of more than a year of praying and planning. Since last summer, our Leadership Team has been actively searching for potential areas to relocate into. The specific decision to move to Oak Ridge has been one made not just by our Leadership Team, but also as we've sought advice and feedback from many leaders and actively involved contributors at Crossbridge. We're excited to finally be able to share it with our church as a whole!

When is the Next Chapter initiative happening? We'll share about Next Chapter at our Sunday worship services in October, and make commitments on October 28th.

When is the actual move happening? Our plan is to host our first worship service at Oak Ridge on Sunday, December 23rd. We also plan to host a Christmas Eve worship service for the community the following evening. Crossbridge will begin meeting at Oak Ridge regularly every Sunday following the 23rd.

What's our goal? Our current goal is to raise an extra $15,000 in financial commitments from people for 2019 and to have 50 people contributing by serving as a part of Crossbridge. Your financial generosity will enable us to purchase new equipment needed for the move as well as to upgrade existing equipment that's due for a refresh. Your decision to contribute by serving will make us poised for impact from day one as we move into Oak Ridge!

Are we doing anything to reach out to the community? We want to announce ourselves to the community as great neighbors who are here to love and serve people, just as Jesus did. Our plan to accomplish this is to host six events for the community in our first six months at Oak Ridge. We'll have opportunities to participate in a Trunk or Treat event, provide Thanksgiving meals to needy families, host an Easter egg hunt, and several other ideas. We'll fill you in on details as those events get closer. But rest assured, we want to be a place that loves and serves our new community well. 

How Can I Get Involved?

On October 23, our church will be fasting together for God's provision for the Next Chapter initiative. We've prepared a fasting guide to help you through the experience, and you can access that here.

Ultimately, you can get involved by joining in with our 15/50 vision: to raise $15,000 in "above and beyond" offerings and to celebrate 50 people serving regularly at Crossbridge. It's a commitment we want every person in our church to be a part of accomplishing together.

15: Our goal is to collectively raise $15,000 above and beyond our current giving level in 2019. Your commitment helps fund this next chapter and assists us in knowing what to expect financially. (Note: Next Chapter is a "one fund" initiative, meaning you don't need to specially designate your offering between multiple funds in 2019. You can just give your "above and beyond" as a part of your normal offering.)

50: Our goal is for 50 people to commit to serving regularly at Crossbridge. To start our next chapter well, we know it'll require us coming together with our time and energy to make the maximum possible impact. We have some big holes to fill contribute-wise, and you can be a part of meeting those needs! Click here to learn more about areas where you can contribute.

We'll be receiving commitments on October 28th in services. If you are unable to attend that day but would still like to make a commitment to the 15/50 vision, click here to fill out a commitment card online. Thanks for being a part of our next chapter!