Contribute by Serving

We believe that one of the ways we connect to God is through contributing by serving. Jesus announced that his role in coming to the world was not to be served, but to serve. If serving others wasn’t below God, it shouldn’t be below us, either. What’s more, Jesus actually announced that sacrificial service of others is actually the pathway to experiencing life. Through serving and giving of our lives, we find more meaning, freedom, and joy than we would think possible.

We believe that service should represent a regular and substantial commitment on our behalf to prioritize Jesus in the way we live and spend our time. In that vein, all of our service opportunities are designed to lead us not to serve on the periphery of our lives, but actually as an integrated part of them. Embracing service in this way allows us to take steps toward experiencing the life and freedom that comes with owning a piece of Christ’s mission.

Below are some opportunities for you to get involved and serve. Click on any of the pictures to email a contact person and ask for more information or to take a next step by shadowing one weekend.

  • Worship

    Our worship team sings, plays instruments, and leads Crossbridge to worship and adore God! If you’d like to use your musical or creative talents to serve God, this is a great spot for you.

  • Crossbridge Kids

    Whether it’s leading kids in a classroom, connecting with parents, or simply checking families into our kids area to make sure our little ones are safe, kids ministry volunteers play a huge role at our church. You can be a part of helping our littlest ones take a positive first step with Jesus.

  • Tech

    Our tech volunteers mix on the soundboard, program and run slides for Sunday morning worship services, and work to minimize any distractions in our worship area that might get in the way of us connecting with God. (Don’t worry, we offer training.)

  • Crossbridge Students

    Middle school and high school can be pretty confusing. Social media, significant others, Chemistry class… it’s a lot. Be a part of impacting the lives of the next generation here.

  • First Impressions

    Our first impressions volunteers are all about helping everyone, especially newcomers, feel welcomed and invited at Crossbridge. If you love to meet people and help them feel welcome, we think you’ve found your next calling.

  • Community Group Leader

    Our community group leaders help others connect in relationships where truth meets life. They help people from Crossbridge form connections with one another in small groups where we can find support and encouragement while also receiving some accountability and challenge when we need it. If you’re interested in hosting or leading a group, make sure to check this out.

  • Setup/Teardown

    These unsung heroes of Crossbridge setup and teardown before and after service so that other people can have a place to worship God. If “behind the scenes” is your thing, you’ll love contributing here.