Effective immediately, Crossbridge is making the transition away from SecureGive, our old online giving provider, to Planning Center Giving. Check out FAQ's below for answers to questions that you may have. If we can help you in the transition process, please email Rachel!

Where can I give now? Click here to go to our new site! (We've already updated the "giving" page of our website to take you there as well.)

Why are we making this transition? For two main reasons: Cost and convenience. First, let's talk about costs. Planning Center Giving charges us $100/month less currently than our old giving provider. They've also negotiated a better transaction rate with credit card companies and banks that will allow us to put more money toward ministry, not banking fees. Secondly, Planning Center Giving is a platform that's much easier to use while still offering the security and functionality that's important to us. We even get some new features like text-to-give!

What will happen to my financial information in SecureGive's database? Your security is of highest value to us (not to mention SecureGive). Our SecureGive account officially closes in July, and at that point SecureGive has assured us that they will scrub any and all sensitive information from their records.

Why did we wait to make this transition? Simply put, we wanted to make sure it was the right transition to make and that the transition process could be as seamless for you as possible! Planning Center is relatively new to the giving marketplace, so we contacted other churches to see how the transition worked for them. They unanimously expressed their happiness with the decision and we feel comfortable that now is a great time to take this next step.

Will we still have a kiosk? No. The kiosk is the one existing giving feature we will lose in this transition, as Planning Center Giving's security protocols don't allow us to use a kiosk currently. Looking over our existing giving statistics, we discovered that a very small volume of people were using the kiosk to give and that we couldn't justify paying $1,200 each year to keep using it. We certainly don't want to cause an unnecessary inconvenience, but believe our kiosk users will find Planning Center Giving even easier to use.

What is text-to-give? With Planning Center Giving, you can now give via text message! Just text the amount you'd like to give to 84321, and you'll receive a link and instructions on what to do next. After setting up text to give the first time (a process that takes 2-3 minutes), you'll be able to give quickly and easily in five seconds just by sending an amount to 84321.

Can I still give by check or cash? Of course! Just put your offering in the black box on Sunday.

I've got giving setup through my bank. Is that affected? Not at all. If you currently give through an automated deduction from your bank, you will be unaffected through this change. Thanks for giving regularly and generously toward the mission of Crossbridge!