Finances Freakin' You Out?

It's okay. Everyone's been been there. We want to help. Check out some of the following resources to help you get back on track financially or get your financial journey started in a more helpful way.

(Looking for the "heart surgery" sheet? It's right here.)

Need help putting together a budget?

  • Click here to get a free sample budget... covering just about everything you could think of. (Note: the "envelope system" mentioned here is the idea that you can't use a card for any of these things... withdraw the cash, put it in an envelope, and when it's gone, it's gone!)
  • Check out as a simple online budgeting tool. It links to your bank accounts and credit cards and automatically updates transactions and helps you manage your budget. (FWIW, Wes swears by this app.)

Need help paying off debt? 

  • You should watch this video. The "debt snowball" is a technique that has helped people pay off millions (if not billions... with a B!) of dollars in debt thanks to Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University. 

Looking for some resources to read?

Need some resources you can listen to?

Looking for some free money? (We can't really help you there. But let us know if you find some.) 

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