New Normal = New Level of Safety

We're beginning to move into a new normal, and a new normal means a new standard for safety. We encourage you to check out all of the safety information below to learn about all we are continuing to do in order to keep every attender safe. (Looking for all the other info you need to plan your visit? Check it out here.)

As you arrive: Masks are encouraged, but not required. If you would like a mask but don't have one (or need a new one), we will have plenty available for you. In the spirit of love, let's work together as a community to assume the best of each other and be kind in our interactions with one another. If you are not wearing a mask, please make every effort to respect the distance of those who are. We encourage you to keep a mask on your person to wear if you'd like to converse with someone who may be wearing one. This will be awkward and new, but we can do this! Let's continue to grow in the all-important grace of loving our neighbors and fellow attenders well.

During our worship gathering: Our goal is to provide a touchless worship experience. In order not to pass around items, you may give a physical offering in the black box located at the entrance/exit and each seat will be equipped with a pre-packaged communion cup (along with a pen and connection card) so we do not have to pass around trays during communion. We will not be offering a physical paper bulletin at this time.

Increased sanitizing: We will sanitize all benches, entry doors, and bathroom doors for your safety. Hand sanitizer dispensers are located throughout the facility for your convenience. 

But what about...?

What about online worship? We will continue to offer our worship experiences online as well, just as we have throughout the course of the pandemic. You are more than welcome to continue gathering from home until you feel comfortable getting together with others or just to use this as a resource if you wake up feeling sick on a Sunday morning. In the event of a sudden "stay at home" order, we remain prepared to flex temporarily back to worship online until the emergency declaration is lifted. 

What if there's a positive COVID case at Crossbridge? In the event we are informed of a positive case at Crossbridge, we will work together with that person to determine any people they had prolonged (10+ minutes) contact with, personally inform those people, and encourage them to be tested, along with any others who served on the infected person's ministry team that day. The church at large will be notified of the positive case via the Note from Wes (you can sign up for that here).