Crafting a Rule of Life

A rule of life is an ancient monastic practice designed to help us grow in a greater love for God and love for others. The word "rule" is derived from a word for "trellis," the implication being that much like a trellis guides plant life to grow in a way it wouldn't be able to otherwise, a rule of life guides each of our lives in a new direction that we wouldn't otherwise be able to grow in on our own.

In addition to our messages from "The Rule" message series, we have a few resources you can explore below to guide you in the practice of crafting your own rule of life. These are certainly far from exhaustive, and many of the resources below point to further recommended resources, so you can do a deeper dive if you'd like.

But above all, don't forget that a rule of life only has value in its doing. A small rule executed faithfully will have far greater impact than an all-encompassing one that remains unused. May you experience the blessing of deeper connection to God and others as you venture forth on your rule of life journey!